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Security Services

First and foremost, North Nets is a Provider, security psychiatrists of sort. As an organization Nort Nets provides a full complement of consulting services for Homeland Security, Defense and Civilian initiatives. The scope of North Nets and its professionals' core competence are expansive and encompass a breadth of vertical markets and applications. End-to-end services provide customers with a single point of contact and responsibility, which minimize costs while expediting projects and programs. From inception to legacy expansion; small systems or sophisticated enterprise; North Nets is an innovative problem solver. We accomplish the task utilizing the latest future-proof technologies out of the Aventura laboratories offering end-to-end ready for market solutions, which can interoperate with third party applications from a myriad of providers.

North Nets services include:

  • Security vulnerability and threat assessments
  • Loss prevention audits
  • Crisis management planning
  • Master planning and implementation
  • Policy and procedure development
  • Emergency preparedness and contingency planning
  • Disaster recovery
  • Incident investigations
  • Security Design
  • Business continuity planning
  • Site/Client specific guidelines
  • Programming and project management

Programming Services

North Nets objective is simple: Get retailers operational as quickly as possible, minimizing spend and accelerating the time to benefits! We understand that all retailers have their own needs and challenges, but that does not mean that with each customer we start from scratch with the time implications and costs that would involve. Our modular solutions combined with web technology and our numerous years of experience give our customers a fast start to achieving value from their investment. Achieving a fast start doesn’t mean force fitting a standard process on you. We know that the success of any projects starts with understanding the exact nature of your business, your processes, your challenges your future plans. Our implementation process enables us to take that understanding of your business, and configure the solutions using key functional and reporting templates…getting you up and running quickly.

North Nets services include:

  • Programming End to End solutions
  • Master planning and implementation
  • Policy and procedure development
  • Emergency preparedness and contingency planning
  • Incident investigations
  • Training
  • Business continuity planning
  • Site/Client specific guidelines
  • Programming and project management

About Company

North Nets is one of the leading business partner, developer and implementer of business management software and services and security systems to over thousand customers in the Middle East was established in 2010 focusing the mid segment business establishments. Partnership with Alreaha USA, Alreaha Germany, we have two branches North Nets Jordan and North Nets KSA , the world renowned Software companies that market ERP, HRMS, CRM, POS, ETR, Security Systems and other solutions helped Software Solutions to be the No. 1 business software solution provider in the middle east. domain knowledge and expertise gained after implementing for 2000 customers across various industries, Software Solutions can guide you to the right solution for your business requirements and implement and support you on these solutions thereafter

Why clients choose us

Our proven track record

Our commitment to excellent service

Our tailor made solutions

We were the first

We are globally accessible

Security Products

H264 IP cameras

Indore H264 Cameras

PTZ indoore and outdoor H264 Cameras

Standealone H264 IP cameras

Long Range H264 IP cameras up to 55X Zoom

Night vision - Thermal IP cameras up to 55X Zoom

EMCCD IP cameras for dark night vision - light sencitivity 0.000008lux.

Controlling and monitoring rooms

Archiving systems or VMS and RFID tracking system

Time attendance system

Road Blockers


Wheels Killer

Elctronics Doors

All previous systems can we customize it with Solar System - (Wind)-(Generators) or IP comntrolling(3G, 4G, wireless, microwave)

Software Products

  • HR management system
  • Time attendance system
  • Financial system
  • ERP
  • Portals and gateways
  • Access cards design and printing
  • training system
  • CRM
  • Electronic transactions system
  • Customized systems
  • Provide outsourcing team for developments

Our Cilents

Jordanian Armed Forces

Royal Jordanian Air Force

Libyan army

Iraqi army

Saudi Ministry of Labor

General Commission for Survey

Medina Development Authority

Housing and Development Bank



KSA Branch

Tel : +966 1 421 5057

Fax : +966 1 421 5057

Mobile : +966 500 702786


Jordan Branch

P.O Box 928568 Amman 11190, Jordan

Tel : +962 6 5673355

Fax : +962 6 5513783

Mobile : +962 797 550610


USA Branch

2510 Terminal Drive South St. Petersburg, Florida 33712

Tel : +1 727-327-6236

Fax : +1 727-323-7336

Germany Branch

Friedrich-Engelhorn-Strasse 568167 Mannheim

Tel : +49 (0) 621-338890

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